Becoming an Adult, pt 2

Becoming an Adult is not for sissies
Adulting, Beth Terry, 2017

Picture is unrelated to Adulting, but it got your attention! Yes?

Yesterday we started our conversation about becoming an adult, or what Millenials call Adulting…

Who You Hang Out With Matters
  • Choose your friends wisely. You become who you hang out with. When you were a kid, you  did the ‘celery in colored water’ experiment. If you placed cut celery into blue water, the celery turned blue. Our minds and hearts are like that celery. Without knowing, we absorb into ourselves the beliefs and ideas of those around us. Pay attention and be mindful of what you are absorbing. There are many people who do not have your best interests at heart. Be wise enough to recognize them and surround yourself with people who do. “Adulting” means taking responsibility for your surroundings.


  • Hold onto good friends! When you find friends you love and trust, do what you can to stay in touch! Too many times we let good friendships die from inactivity or lost communications. As a woman now in my 60’s I can count many times when I needed my girlfriends, and was so grateful I had kept them in my life. One of my best friends is a woman I met when we were awkward 13 year-olds complete with braces, gangly limbs, angst-filled poetry and crushes on all the wrong boys. We’ve seen each other through many of life’s hard times and great adventures. Adulting is hard if you try and go it alone.


  • Your Integrity and Your Soul are more important than Money. Care for your soul. Work to keep your integrity and ethics intact. It can be challenging in a money-oriented world. You will be tempted. Focus on the long game. Focus on your bigger vision. Keep your eyes on your higher purpose and on your future. Adulting means not selling your soul for things or status – both of these will fade in time. Hold on to those things that no one can take away.
Adulting means becoming an Individual
  • Remember who you are. You are a unique person with tremendous gifts to share with a world who needs you. Don’t forget that truth in the race to be “one of the crowd.” That crowd you currently run with will be long gone in a few years. People you work with, classmates, neighbors, and that “popular guy” are all on their own journey. You will only keep a small number of those people in your life. Don’t make decisions today with only their opinions and needs in mind.


To be continued tomorrow… Adulting Pt 3

Start writing your own letter to your adult children. See you tomorrow…


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© 2017 Beth Terry, CSP • All Rights Reserved

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