Learn 2 New Things -Teach ESL in 2018

This year I’m training to be an ESL Teacher!

I am 12 hours away from being certified to Teach ESL through the ITA – International TEFL Academy! If you want to join me in this great endeavor, contact Danielle Lupo  here

Beth ESL Teacher, ©2018 Beth Terry, CSP

Beth Teaches on numerous platforms and stages, now including ESL!

Why would I choose to Teach ESL when my plate is full with other speaking engagements, writing, raising my PugWawa and traveling? Because Literacy matters, that’s why. There are many different ways to share your knowledge. I’ve told you before, Teachers change lives!

Reading and Literacy improve a person’s chances to be successful in the world. It lowers the chances of poverty, delinquency in teens, and depression. When you can open a book and comprehend what you are reading, you learn about far-flung places, you learn to put your life in perspective, you learn about Critical Thinking, you aren’t as easily fooled or manipulated. Everyone Wins with a rising tide of literacy.

Learn Two New Things – this time Teach ESL

I have often written about my wonderful College Professor who encouraged us all to keep learning. “Learn two new things every year, and one should scare you!” was his mantra. It keeps you alive and dynamic. It keeps you from losing your mind in the same-same numbness caused by being in a rut.

I know that a lifetime of learning and reading has kept me interested and (some say) interesting. It has been shown thousands of times that one’s life is enhanced and prolonged when learning and reading are part of the daily ritual.

I was reminded of this last week when I lost one of my favorite people in the world. Wink Blair was a human dynamo and left us at age 97. She published a book well into her 90’s on her Grandfather, a Civil War Veteran. Her husband Richard Sutz is the CEO of The Literacy Company and author of numerous books on how to read faster and better. Both Richard and Wink have inspired me to keep learning, to keep sharing and to keep the faith that our words and deeds matter.

As we head into the hot hot hot Phoenix summer months, I urge you to take a moment to think about ways you can share your knowledge, your “mana’o” (as we say in Hawai’i) with the world. I don’t know how you feel, but I’m getting pretty tired of all the hate, all the derision and scorn, and all the media stirring up negative feelings within families and friends. Take a step back. BREATHE. Think how you can make the world a tiny bit better because you were here.


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