Eclipse of the Moon

Partial Moon Eclipse Today in some parts of the world

@2014 Beth Terry photo of moon not eclipse

Carlin on weather at night

People were talking about the partial eclipse that’s taking place at 9:40 pm Phoenix time, so I was looking through all my photos for a moon picture. Of course it’s cloudy tonight so I can’t give you a real photo. But the above is the same moon from my back yard on an entirely different night.

So I go and look this thing up at Time and and come to find out it might be happening at 9:40 pm my time, but I won’t be able to see it unless I grow legs that are thousands of feet long. The Penguins in Antarctica and a few folks in South Africa will be able to see it.

So – eclipse or no eclipse, George Carlin’s weather report above is spot on.

Sleep well!


Beth Terry

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