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Way back in the dark ages, before the internet, before cell phones, my Dad handed me a letter as I drove off into the big world on my own. He said something that seemed silly at the time, but in the mists of time now sounds pretty profound. Here it is. And here lies the basis for this collection of ideas, thoughts, quotes, Life Hacks, advice and funny pictures:

dads letter

What inspires you?

What makes you nod and laugh in recognition?

Where do you find your humanity and your humility?

How do you tap into that little voice inside that tells you it’s all going to be OK.

Is there a song that thrills you?

Here’s one of mine: Josh Groban, You Raise Me up


You aren’t the only one who is lost from time to time.

Share your ideas, posters and favorite quotes here.

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Windward O’ahu, Koolau Mountains

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