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Beth is an author, a speaker on Resilience and other topics. She is also an expert on upgrading your presentation skills (and much more than that!)

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Notes from Readers of Beth’s Books

From Marie Isom

Hi Beth,

Thanks for sending me your Angel book. I read it and I must say that I was very touched the whole way through. “Well, it WAS Motivational”  had me blurting out loud. It really isn’t funny, but it is….torturous!!! I think we all want to know…. What was your response?!?

“Love is a four child Word” had me in fairytale tears. “Legacy“, the story about your dad was very painful for me to read. I felt so many emotions. Unbelievable what humans can go through, your dad, mom, and the rest of you kids. I believe the people we leave behind are the ones that we should pray the hardest for. So I said a prayer right then for each of you. It made me cry for your family and I cried for my mom who passed away 21 years ago. No, we never forget the ones we hold so dear to our hearts, no matter how long the separation. A smell or a voice can bring her right back to me.

This wonderful book now lives next to my bed. You are right, it’s the kind of book you just pick up and read whatever the book delivers to you that day. Bless you! You are an angel who came into my life!



From Sharon B.

Dear Beth, I bought your book Walking in a Crowd of Angels right after it came out. It was such a lovely blue color I thought it would look good on my nightstand. And there it sat for quite awhile. Then my father passed away. As I lay in tears on my bed, I suddenly had an urge to read your book. I needed some angels. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Thank you!



From Darcy T.

Oh Beth you are a lifesaver! Your little Management book is a gem! It’s like Cliff Notes for new managers!  Such great advice! It’s so practical and so spot on. I loved the chapter on “Your Staff is not your Dating Pool!” Hah! A lot of people need to read that one. It’s so easy to carry with me, and it’s worth far more than I paid for it, I can tell you that. So thanks so much. I hope our company can bring you in again soon!



On Beth’s coaching

From Tracy T.

Beth, you make it sound like what you do is just help us a little bit with our speaking skills. You are so much more than that… you are a life coach, a big sister, a trusted confidant, a prophet and my angel. I have been scared to speak in front of groups and avoided having a coach. I heard from some friends that some coaches can be kind of mean or they don’t get how scary this is for us.

You just gently guided me through the whole process. Now I understand what it takes to put a talk together. I feel so much more confident when I have to give a presentation at work. I’m still nervous, but I remember your advice. “Don’t give yourself too much credit. They aren’t hanging on to every word you say. Besides, they don’t know what you were planning on saying so they don’t know if you mess up!” That by itself has really really helped.

I’m so grateful for everything. Hey, I know what you can call yourself. You are a Presenter Mentor! Hope I can get you in the budget again next year!



Go to Beth’s online store here

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