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Eclipse of the Moon

Partial Moon Eclipse Today in some parts of the world People were talking about the partial eclipse that’s taking place at 9:40 pm Phoenix time, so I was looking through all my photos for a moon picture. Of course it’s cloudy tonight so I can’t...

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What will they think? Don’t worry about it

Deer, they aren’t thinkin’ about you…   So sorry, most people really aren’t thinking all that much about you. Remember the time you were humiliated because you stumbled? Or you wore two different shoes? Or you had a stain on your clothes from that wonderful...

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Turtles all the way down – Not the Big Bang!

  There are many versions of the “turtles” story. Here’s one of them: Dr. William James, who is known as the Father of American Psychology, used to talk in his logic lectures about the impossibility of swaying someone from their distinct and strongly held Belief...