Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult is not easy

Adult, Beth Terry, CSP, Oct 2017

Becoming an Adult is not always easy

What will you tell your adult child? My girlfriend’s daughter celebrated her first birthday this month. My friend asked for a note to file away for her daughter’s 18th birthday. I thought of all the things I wish I’d known when I left home for the first time as an adult. What would you say? What do you wish you had known? Granted, the world will be very different in 2034, but who knows? Life does seem to keep imitating itself. Maybe my letter will help her become a successful adult!

From my note:

Perspective is Everything!
  • Nothing is as it seems and there is always another side to the story, including your own. Pay attention. Listen between the lines. Don’t jump to conclusions just because someone else offers to do your thinking for you. Check your memory. Sometimes someone close to you has more information than you do.
  • No one is as cool and calm as they seem. Everyone is scared. Everyone is a little lost from time to time. Many people have their own defenses to keep people from getting too close to the truth of who they are. If you try and copy someone because you believe in outward appearances, you’ll find yourself disappointed many, many times. People trying to appear perfect at all costs are often the ones with the deepest, darkest secrets and the ones who are the most scared of showing who they really are.
Intuition Works
  • Trust your gut. God gave us a wonderful thing called intuition. It’s woven from subconscious observations, learned truths, eternal truths, brains far more sophisticated than any computer, and your conscious experiences. If something doesn’t seem right, pay attention. If someone makes your skin crawl, there may be a backstory you need to know. If you just ‘don’t feel like’ going with friends or trying something new, maybe there’s a reason. Listen to your echoes.

To be continued tomorrow…

Start writing your own letter to your adult children. See you tomorrow…

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