Turtles all the way down – Not the Big Bang!


There are many versions of the “turtles” story. Here’s one of them:

Patti's desert Tortoise pic with baby

Desert Tortoise

Dr. William James, who is known as the Father of American Psychology, used to talk in his logic lectures about the impossibility of swaying someone from their distinct and strongly held Belief Systems. His example was a conversation he had with an old woman. This ancient philosopher had an explanation of how the world was created. She said the Big Bang Theory was wrong, and all those Darwinians and Creationists were just crazy talking.

What was her explanation? She explained how the Earth rested on the back of a ginormous turtle.

“But, dear lady”, Professor James protested, as politely as could be, “what holds up the turtle?”

“Ah”, she said, “that’s easy. The turtle is standing on the back of another turtle.”

“OK, I see”, said Professor James, still being polite. “But would you be so good as to tell me what holds up the second turtle?”

“It’s no use, Professor”, said the old woman, not falling into his logical trap.

“It’s turtles-turtles-turtles, all the way down!”

I didn’t get it till I visited my brother and sister-in-law. They raise rescued Sulcata and Desert Tortoises. I took the above picture but didn’t see that the mama was carrying one of her babies on her back. When I looked closer at this photo, I realized, “HEY! I’ve got the beginning of a new planet! Turtles all the way down!”

It’s Friday, go take a break and tip back an adult beverage in honor of the Turtles… all the way down!


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