Everybody's Lost Life Hacks for Grownups

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What do you need to STOP for the New Year?

Instead of Starting Resolutions – How about knowing what to stop? Ten days into the new year and people are rushing around starting their New Year’s Resolutions. Friends are eating healthier, the gyms are packed, people with their Fitbits™ are speedwalking past my office as...

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Use These Secrets for a Happy New Year

Common Sense = a Happy New Year The old man sat on a bench near the Christmas tree a few days after Christmas. It was apparent he played Santa in one of the big Metro stores nearby. He had an all-knowing look, kind eyes, the...


How many?

How Many will it take? “How many of these?” I was helping a friend with her Holiday store. Peering over the counter I saw a tiny girl, around 5 years old. Her mom was down the aisle shopping for ornaments. The girl held out coins...


Thanks Giving and Receiving

Are you good at Receiving Thanks? Today I thanked several people for their contributions to my life. The answers? “Oh, it was nothing…” “No big deal.” “Don’t mention it.” “You don’t have to thank me.” I want to shake them and remind them that it’s...


Make Communication Easier

Communication is garbled and less effective in this mega-information age. Here’s a way to fix that. Changing Communication Patterns Cause Confusion Text messages might be quick, but they lack context, emotion, intent, and clarity. Emails are often typed out on our phones, leading to shortcuts,...

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