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What do you need to STOP for the New Year?

Instead of Starting Resolutions – How about knowing what to stop? Ten days into the new year and people are rushing around starting their New Year’s Resolutions. Friends are eating healthier, the gyms are packed, people with their Fitbits™ are speedwalking past my office as...

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Seven Practical~Tactical Goal Secrets

Achieve Your Goals Strategically This Year! Coach gave me life-changing advice when I competed in Olympic Weightlifting. His keyword? Incremental. One Step at a Time, One Improvement at a Time. Coach Tommy Kono advised us to take it easy if we’d been away from the...

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New Years Day – an Eternal Truth

On New Years Day we are reminded we CAN begin again New Years Day is a funny thing. In reality, it’s just another day. You went to sleep last night (or in the wee early hours of this morning) and you woke up again. You...