New Years Day – an Eternal Truth

On New Years Day we are reminded we CAN begin again

New Years Day Sunrise Clouds photo ©

New Years Day: That magical day when we begin again.

New Years Day is a funny thing. In reality, it’s just another day. You went to sleep last night (or in the wee early hours of this morning) and you woke up again. You will gather with family today, or un-decorate the house. Some of you are at work. Some are spending the day getting over a hangover. But it’s still just another 24-hour period of time that you have the freedom to do what you choose to do.

So, what makes it so different in our minds? We humans need demarcations: birthdays, anniversaries, year endings and beginnings. It helps us keep track of time. As I posted in another blog, one of my brand new stepkids once asked me on Christmas morning, “How many Christmases have you had?” (Yeah, smart kid. She was guessing my age!) I told her, and she thoughtfully asked, “Well, how many do you get?”  Even at the ripe young age of five she was marking time.

So – it’s New Years Day. How will you mark this day? How will you begin again to be who you were called to be? What will you let go of from 2015?

Don’t just indulge yourself today in recovering from last night. Give yourself a gift today, the gift of reinventing your future.

Begin again. Write new goals that fit your dreams. Toss out what didn’t work. Reconnect with people you love. Renew friendships with people who have fallen away. Consider forgiving those who harmed you.  Make a list of things that bother you, cross them off,  take the list out to the hibachi and set them on fire. You deserve a fighting chance! Give it to yourself!

And have a delightful, wondrous, beautiful 2016!


Beth Terry

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