Belief Fuels Action

Funny how Belief helps you find time and money!

Belief @BethTerry

There are always things we wish we could buy… things we think we can’t live without, but, there’s that little matter of the checkbook. Belief plays into this. If I don’t believe it matters, I’ll put it off: I’d love a new car but, eh, mine is working just fine. It doesn’t resonate as a “must have.” It’s easy for me to talk myself out of things (except, of course, new books!)

It feels like I bought everything I needed last decade. Now my mantra is, “How hard will it be to get rid of this when I don’t need it anymore?”

Then something caught my eye. I decided to add a skill to my client offerings: ESL – English as a Second Language. I believed it was worth it to sign up for a TEFL course! I’m now working to get my “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” certificate! I’m excited to learn new things and add information and options to my toolkit. The experience of being in school again and re-visiting writing and grammar principles has been exhilerating.

The difference between spending money on stuff and spending it on experience and knowledge is this: the first gives you headaches, the second gives you OPTIONS!

These days I’m more interested in buying knowledge and comfort than new stuff that will just have to be dusted, filled, fed, painted or sold on ebay later.

Information that makes my business better; books to take me on adventures; items to make travel easier – those are things I have money for. I believe in them. I believe I need them. Other’n that, meh…

Stuff is fleeting ~Experience is forever.

Things need to be dusted, cleaned, worried about, and managed. Experience can take you to the next level. Experience can help you find work later in life. It gives you perspective and a different level of joy. What are YOU looking for?

Here’s a quote to ponder next time you’re thinking about buying a new toy:

“Going to a junk yard is a sobering experience. There you can see the ultimate destination of almost everything we desire.”

Roger Von Oech

All the best on your journey as you follow your Beliefs and your Dreams!


Take care of yourself, we need you!

Beth Terry

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