How to Remove Obstacles in Your Life

Are you creating your own obstacles by not letting go?

Hyacinth in glass showing roots, BethTerry, Obstacles

The cords that bind us resemble these Hyacinth roots

My Hawaiian teachers taught me how to let go of obstacles. Their wisdom still applies, perhaps even more so.

I spent the bulk of my adult years in Hawaii. It’s still the home of my heart, my family and my friends. While there, I learned how to let go of the past. I learned, “Forgive and Remember.” Release  emotional pain, but don’t try and suppress or repress it. Remembering helps you to not repeat what got you in trouble in the first place. It helps you keep people at arm’s length if they harmed you.

One of my Hawaiian healers used to speak of energies we all have that become attached to other people and/or to things that have impacted us. Look at the roots in this Hyacinth plant above. It’s helpful to imagine that’s what your attachments look like. Each person you love, hate, have argued with, have been attracted to, or have worked for… all those people are attached to you in some way. All those experiences are banging around in your head, sometimes bothering you more than you want to admit. Some attachments may be a slim thread. Some may look more like a trunk line the size of your leg.

The wonderful thing I learned from my teachers in Hawaii was that I can choose which to hold onto and which to sever. I used to teach this in my seminars.  I recommended imagining you have a pair of garden shears. Look at each of these attachments individually, and see yourself cutting them loose.

You can go deeper, though! In meditation the other night I had a different thought. Instead of cutting those connections, look further. I had been out in the yard pulling weeds and pulled this guy out of the ground. You can’t tell, but it’s 3 feet long!

picture of nasty old weed that represents your obstacles

Think of those attachments in your heart and memory as weeds that you can pull out

Obstacles need to be pulled out by the root!

And it hit me – if I cut a weed off at ground level, the roots still remain and I’ll have that weed problem again!

I made a list of all the things, situations, and people that still bothered me. I sat quietly and imagined pulling each of those attachments out by the root. The relief I felt at the end of 20 minutes of this process is indescribable!

I had been blocked and unable to finish a simple project for my upcoming webinar series. I couldn’t figure it out. Now I’m rarin’ to go and the webinars will be up and running soon.

Look, this isn’t about being all airy-fairy. This is a healthy psychological tool to release things that block you so you can go forward and do what you were meant to do in this world. It’s also a reminder from someone who has always been a self-motivator that everyone needs healing and clearing of blockades from time to time.

Don’t you have your mechanic flush your car radiator? Do you clean your gutters and clear the path in front of your home when it snows? This is no different.

Flush your brain. Clean the rain gutters in your head. Clear the path in your heart. Try it and let me know how it works! Spring is as good a time as any to do a little Emotional Spring Cleaning!

Good luck and Happy Spring!




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