How to Write Better Speeches Faster

Need to write a speech?

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Beth Terry How to Write Better Speeches Faster

We can provide this webinar for an individual or for your own team! Contact us to schedule a training program!


Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to use The Pearl Framework to create a speech outline in minutes instead of hours.
  • A simple analysis tool to quickly determine what your audience needs to hear.
  • The “Three points and a poem” – an insider’s guide to making your information fresh and memorable.
  • The Seven Questions that will enable you to write a compelling close that moves your audience to act.
  • Three things to remember when using humor in any presentation.
  • A Pro Speaker’s secret to staying on track and avoiding the dreaded tangents
  • A great little tool for staying within your time guidelines, and why you shouldn’t use your cell phone
  • One sentence you can say to yourself before getting on stage that will help allay the jitters.

This webinar was recorded. Click on the link above to go to the information page.

Purchase of this webinar includes:

  • A personalized live recording you can watch unlimited times
  • The PowerPoint slides
  • A template for writing all your speeches
  • A project management form
  • A needs analysis questionnaire to help you form the main points
  • A checklist for running a meeting to make sure it’s a success

Contact us and we’ll set up a program for you on Zoom. It lasts about an hour and we’ll take time for questions. If you sign up for a zoom-inar, you can send your speech ahead of time and Beth will work directly with you on that speech.

See you soon!





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