Never thought about that… Life happens in moments

Life goes on within you and without you

© 2015 Beth Terry • Life goes on

Life goes on within you and without you

In this moment life is happening all over the world to other people. Your life is both better and worse than theirs. The best thing you can do is live your life the best you know how.

~ In this moment… A new life came into the world

Somewhere else a family found out a loved one has left the planet

~ In this moment… Someone got down on one knee and asked for a hand in marriage

Somewhere else someone tearfully handed a spouse divorce papers

~ In this moment… Someone’s cancer went into remission

Somewhere else someone found out their cancer is terminal

~ In this moment … Parents watched their 5 year old walk into school for the first time

Somewhere else parents stood proudly watching their college student receive a diploma

~ In this moment someone was arrested

Somewhere else someone finished a jail sentence and headed out to a new chance at life


In each moment there are endings and beginnings happening somewhere. Whether you are at a beginning, an ending, or somewhere in the middle, hang on. Life is always and forever changing.

There will always be people better off and worse off than you.

In this moment, celebrate where you are. Make the most of your life, and learn something. One of my favorite singers, Laura Bell Bundy sang it best:

“I worry about where I am, not where I’m not.”

Be Happy,

Beth Terry

© 2015 Beth Terry • All Rights Reserved


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