Improve Your Health? Get a Dog

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  1. Vickie says:

    Hah – it’s midnite and I’m sitting here reading this. The lights have gone off, reminding me it’s time to go to bed. But still I’m looking at the glowing screen in the dark. My dog, the every faithful conscience in our home, just came out of the bedroom and looked at me, as if to say, “Really? You’re still up? Come to bed. You need your sleep.” So, off to bed I go with the vision of your sweet angel in my head and my steady companion at my feet. Great collection, btw, thanks for the quotes. I’ll borrow them.

    • Beth Terry says:

      Thanks Vickie! What a sweetie you have! Yeah, Xena was a character and I miss her. But my little Olive does the same thing your dog does. She just looks at me like I’m nuts when I’m on the computer too long. Probably saying the same thing to me!
      Thanks for the note, glad you enjoyed it!

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