Problems Are the Wind in Your Sails

Problems are the reason you were hired

Problems Are Wind

Problems are the Wind in Your Sails that keep you employed and employable.


Here’s your job description: SOLVE PROBLEMS. Everyone’s job is to solve a problem. Most people hate problems at work. Yet without them, you wouldn’t have a job. Your JOB is to solve the problems you were hired to solve. When you were interviewed, didn’t they ask you: can you fix this? can you do this? can you analyze this? All of those are PROBLEM SOLVING ACTIVITIES. How cool is that?

Think about it — Why else are you here? Why do you think you got your job? Even if you work at Mickey Dees, when you ask, “Would you like fries with that?” You are helping the customer AND McDonalds solve a problem. You solve the customers hunger and impulse problem and you solve McDonalds’ problem that it has food to sell and needs people to give them money for it.

Here’s the deal: if you think of your job as “solving problems,” then you won’t get so upset when they come up. Just think of them as Job Security! And you will realize one of the great secrets in Life… you aren’t all that different from the Corporate President or anyone else. All they do all day is solve problems, too!


Beth Terry

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