Belief: Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy

Belief defines us


Belief Beth Terry Events, @2015

What we Believe in affects our success or failure in life

Belief defines us and gives us direction. It can help us or hinder us. If we believe we have possibility, we will move in that direction. If we believe we have no choice, we’ll be stuck.

We can change our lives by paying attention to our Belief System. It’s not that we can magically “decide” that we are Superman or Batman and fly through the air. It’s that when we believe something’s possible, we energize every cell in our bodies to do what’s necessary to increase the chances of making it come true. We see things we ignored before, we allow ourselves to take risks that will help make it happen, and we make choices that aid in the achievement of the goal.

Conversely, if we live in fear because we believe everything is bad and wrong, we shut down. We close our minds and bodies to experiencing innovation, creative problem solving, possibility, and… most importantly, happiness.

A few years ago, Pharrell put a video together called Happy!  This one video has 794 MILLION views. Thousands of other YouTubers have copied it and have several million more hits on their sites. If you need a pick me up, click on that Happy link and see if it doesn’t improve your mood for the day. Even on a bad day, with clouds looming on the horizon and stress hovering around me, this song lifts me up. Thanks Pharrell!

Here’s another hint to feel better: sit up straight, put your shoulders back, take a deep breath and smile big. Something interesting happens. It’s as if you just sent a telegram to every cell in your body that things are going to be OK. This isn’t magical thinking, it’s supported by some very interesting science from cell biologist Bruce Lipton. In his book, The Biology of Belief, he says your cells like you. They want you to continue to operate and function so they can survive, too. As silly as it may sound, sometimes the act of believing you will survive, or you will be happy again someday, and a solution is  on the horizon, is all it takes to get your cells (your internal army) moving in the right direction towards health and happiness.

Bruce Lipton, PhD in Biology of Belief  has this to say:

“… In all of its elegance, nature employs very simple operating principles…You may consider yourself an individual, but as a cell biologist, I can tell you that you are in truth a cooperative community of approximately fifty trillion single-celled citizens. Almost all of the cells that make up your body are amoeba-like, individual organisms that have evolved a cooperative strategy for their mutual survival.” (and this means YOUR survival as well…)


Bottom line? Pay attention when you’re feeling down. What Belief is getting in your way? What can you do to either solve the situation  – or change your belief to move in a more positive direction? We all win when you get that figured out! Take care of yourself, we need you and we need you healthy!


Beth Terry

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  1. Eldarae says:

    Aloha ??Mahalo for sharing your Blog… Love your articles?Very Heart Felt..are People listening and Responding?loved seeing your Mom!!Lov ya E. Was that a
    Pueo on your garden?

    • Beth says:

      Aloha E – Thanks for reading! Yes, the blog on Mom 3.0 has gotten a lot of responses 😉
      A pueo – do you mean an Owl? Yes – we had a baby Great Horned Owl in the yard after it fledged too soon! Very exciting. I think it thought I was food..

      Sign up and you can get a note every time I post … it’s random, whenever I get the urge. But there are a lot of old posts you can check out.

      Malama Pono!

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