Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely

Your Choices matter more than you think
Choose Wisely!

Choose wisely. Your choices matter more than you realize. As you get older, you become the product of every choice you have ever made. Be mindful and don’t take life for granted

As we age we find ourselves regretting some of our earlier choices. Over a glass of wine or coffee, we commiserate with our friends: “If only I had bought this stock or that mutual fund.” “If only I had known the damage this or that bad habit would do to me in my 50’s.” We have 20/20 hindsight, as they say. We can see a little further down the path behind us and become more mindful about the Choices we make going forward.

If we could only go back in a Time Machine and re-make some of those choices. When Millenials grumble about old-timers (which, to most of them, are people over age 30!) They miss an important point. Just as a 25 year old can give solid advice to someone in High School or Grade School, so can a person decades older than them give them some perspective on the choices they are making.

No one has all the right answers. Some of us have the benefit of a few more miles and experiences we can share. It’s always good to collaborate. If the generations would listen to each other, we could teach each other a lot.


Beth Terry

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