Forgive & Remember

Forgive and Remember

Forgive and Remember

Forgiveness isn’t about letting someone “get away with it.” It’s about letting you have an open place in your heart and your life so you can get on with it. People can be real jerks. People make mistakes. You have been a jerk and made mistakes in the past. The only way you can get on with it is for you to forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness, then be someone who forgives.

The Remember part is important though. I’m not saying to bury it. I’m not saying some people shouldn’t reap the consequences of their actions. Remember how that person treated you. Remember how they acted and what they did. You might have to testify!! 🙂  You also need to remember so you can keep them at arms length, understanding they may do this again. It’s OK to be wary of the behaviors of some people. Just don’t go carrying it around with you so that it cripples you.


Beth Terry

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