Craig Ferguson’s Three Questions

Three Important Questions


Craig Ferguson 3 Questions

Craig Ferguson

Comedian and satirist Craig Ferguson is known for his candor. As an observational comedian, he has said a lot of outrageous things on stage and on the Late Show that got him into hot water. Some of them are amazing and brilliant. Ferguson is also not known for clean language. Just be warned. He makes some very good points… but don’t watch this if the “F-bomb” bothers you. Here’s the  YouTube link below where he gives you the back story on his Three Questions. Again, it’s NSFW  (not safe to play at work – in case you’re new to Text-Speak.)

Craig Ferguson on 3 Questions –  caution, explicit language

If you’ve ever heard Ferguson and you don’t want to listen to the above video, you know he has a thick Scottish accent and always speaks with a mischievous glint in his eyes. To get the full effect of his questions, read it with his accent in your head. You know you did already!

Ferguson makes a good point about how easy it is for people to post mean and unthinking things on YouTube and on blogs. He says they do it because we are anonymous and we can get away with it. What I found amusing while searching for this video was the number of unthinking and mean things that were posted on his YouTube video that talked about NOT posting mean things! Some people’s children just never learn…

The point? Think before you post. Don’t be mean. The world is tough enough as it is, don’t add to it!


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