“Don’t die with a book in you!” Dan Poynter, RIP

At some point in every speech Dan Poynter would say that

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Dan Poynter was the best mentor any author could want. He made publishing your first book a possibility with ParaPublishing, a website with everything you need to get going. His resources were vast with how-to books, book shepherds, marketing gems and design advice. He gave me the push to get my first book out there – Walking in a Crowd of Angels.

I first met him in the 80’s in Hawaii when he came to speak to my authors group. We connected because my joke has always been, “I love to fly planes, but you’ll never catch me jumping out of a perfectly good one!” He spent most of the next 30 years trying to get me to come and do a jump. Never happened.

Dan Poynter 1938-2015

Dan Poynter 1938-2015

Dan Poynter was a parachutist, pilot, prolific author, mentor extraordinaire, speaker … and my friend. We lost him this weekend and the skies look pretty empty without him there. I miss you Dan!


Beth Terry

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