Ten Paradoxical Commandments: Anyway

Anyway, by Kent Keith

10 Commandments Kent Keith, Anyway


Ten Paradoxical Commandments

Many years ago I received a wonderful little book by Dr. Kent Keith from our local university, Chaminade in Honolulu, Hawaii. I loved his advice, first given in a speech, in which he basically said, people and situations can be really screwed up. Oh Well! Love them anyway. Don’t give up. Keep on loving, giving, growing and becoming yourself.

Dr. Keith says he was pleased to see someone had sent Mother Teresa his speech, and was even more pleased that she used it in her ministry with the poor. She had it on her wall on a poster named “Anyway.” Someone saw Mother Teresa use these commandments and decided she was the originator of them. She wasn’t, but she did a wonderful service by encouraging the spread of this wonderful advice. You can find a powerful video by Martina McBride with this theme: Martina McBride – Anyway



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