Bob Marley on Life & Success

Bob Marley on Life and Success

Bob Marley on Money“Money Can’t Buy Life…”

These were Bob Marley’s final words to his son Ziggy. We live in a time when people revere and worship celebrities. They dream of finding massive fame and fortune and forget the simple pleasures found in friends, family, love and tuning in with nature the way Marley did. (Yes, he tuned in with some nature a little more than others <grin…>)

Marley’s simple statement is a reality check for all who chase the almighty dollar and ignore family, friends and health. He could have been a materially wealthy man by all accounts. His records sold millions and his name was familiar in all corners of the globe. But he lived humbly and simply for most of his life.

Here’s a video of the conversation: Bob Marley on Money

It’s not all the selfies we post that will make us immortal, it’s the footprints we leave on other people’s lives and hearts.

“Money can’t buy Life…” Words to live by.


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