Teachers Change Lives

Teachers Change Lives

Quotes on Teachers

Teachers Change Lives

Teachers Change Lives

I’m so proud of my girl, Liandra. I made this poster from a photo of flowers in my front yard for her to post in her classroom. She teaches 5th grade in Honolulu. It’s a huge responsibility and privilege to walk in the heads of other people, especially young and impressionable ones. She loves her kids and loves her job.

I hope everyone has at least one teacher they remember fondly: one who challenged them, expanded their view, got them excited about learning and got them involved in their own education. The best gift we can give kids is a love of learning and a curiosity about life.

Thank you to all the teachers out there! Thank you to all who enlarge and expand horizons for every one of our kids.

God Bless,


Beth Terry

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  1. […] Why would I choose to Teach ESL when my plate is full with other speaking engagements, writing, raising my PugWawa and traveling? Because Literacy matters, that’s why. There are many different ways to share your knowledge. I’ve told you before, Teachers change lives! […]

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