Catch the Promise of the Week

Happy Monday!

Mary Strong, photo by @Beth Terry

Catch the Morning breeze!

I love Mondays. The promise of each new week and new day is that anything can happen; opportunities abound; we are able to start fresh with new slate, new possibilities, and new ways of solving old problems. If you are lucky enough to take off the weekend, Monday morning can be a huge opportunity to see with fresh eyes.

One of my old mentors used to tell me to take my biggest problem and write it down just before I go to sleep. He would urge me to get as clear as possible about the actual problem. “Always ask yourself at least three times: ‘What’s the problem?’ And then don’t even try to come up with a solution. Just sleep on it.”

Amazingly, some of my best solutions have come to me in that liquid space between dreaming and waking. I have heard that great composers wrote complete symphonies upon waking. I have written some of my best speeches that way, and a novel I’m working on almost wrote itself one clear morning after a solid sleep.

So make sure you are taking care of yourself. Get enough sleep so you have a fighting chance. And enjoy your Mondays – they are filled with opportunities if you will just let yourself see them.


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