Some Life Rules for the Holidays

Holidays are coming up

Here are some Life Rules to Help You Survive

Holiday Rules to remember

Cactus can be beautiful, so can that person driving you nutso

Here are a few tips to make your Holidays a little less wonky.

  1. There is beauty everywhere, even on the side of a prickly cactus
  2. If you don’t tell people [employees, friends, lovers, kids, family] what’s going on, they make it up. And it’s never in your best interest.
  3. When you’re in a tunnel, go with the flow. Breathe.
  4. People can’t hear you with their shoulders over their ears. Don’t put people on the defensive! It never works.
  5. Sometimes the only solution is to put your head down and push through it
  6. Kids are the only ones who will tell you the whole truth – if you let them. They haven’t had it socialized out of them yet. But they will most definitely lie to you to save themselves. So don’t think it’s all unicorns and rainbows with kids.
  7. Appreciating your kids and each other gets a lot more dishes washed and clothes picked up than criticizing them. Works on spouses, too.
  8. You can get through this. Just focus on the good things. This too shall pass.
  9. People sacrificed a lot to make your life comfy; gratitude is the appropriate response
  10. Laughter heals the soul
  11. You are the only person who is 100% affected by every choice you make from the day you are born till the day you die. Make better choices.
  12. Assume for a moment that you really don’t know everything and there may be another side to whatever is making you crazy.

I’ll add a few more of these in the next few days. Just remember, it’s only a small chunk out of your life. Listen to each other and hold back the judgment. You could be wrong. If you are convinced they are, oh well. It’s not your job to force people to think like you!


© 2015 Beth Terry





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