Vitamin D(og) is Good for the Soul

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  1. Linda Francis says:

    Beth – please post this for me. I couldn’t get past your Captcha screen!!
    Congratulations on your new pup…glad you took the plunge again!!! Sadly, I just had to bid farewell to my Penny last Monday. I got 18 glorious months with her… I am not a doctor, nor do I play on on TV, but I do have a theory about why everyone is so deficient in Vitamin D. Yes, we hike, we walk and play with our dogs outside, but we’ve also slathered ourselves in sunscreen. Our bodies manufacture Vitamin D right on our skin, IF we get at least 20 minutes of unobstructed sunlight, preferably in the morning hours, and then give ourselves at least 30 minutes before showering. Go manufacture some D today…sans sunscreen.

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