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One Hour At A Time, Beth Terry

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Resilience is defined as the inner capacity to cope with stressors in a positive way.  If you are resilient, you have the ability to manage past, present, and future stressful events.  You are able to use your inner resources to remain competent, skillful, and focused on your goals in the face of adversity.  You also recover more quickly from illness and setbacks than less resilient people.

Join our guest, Beth Terry, a resilience expert who has been speaking on the topic for more than a decade and learn how to tap the resilience that exists within you.

Beth Terry, CSP, has recently written a new book called Resilience Not Included: How To Help Your Kids Bounce Back   It is currently in pre-production and will be available by the first week of May. Pre-publication versions are available today in PDF format, or you may pre-order and indicate your preferred ebook style. Ebook orders will be fulfilled the first week in May.

For more Information, contact Westbridge Community Services. One Hour At A Time is a weekly radio show provided by Mary Todd. Mary covers issues relating to mental health, family issues, addiction and recovery.

Beth Terry will cover the importance of resilience in recovering from life’s challenges. Topics include the difference between Enabling and Empowering, along with hints on how everyone’s resilience can be developed. The early years matter, but it’s never too late to start improving your life!


Hope you join us!

Easter Blessings!

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