Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

What my Dad would say when I got lost

Remember who you are

We are bombarded daily with images and messages telling us to be someone we aren’t. We are told to fear judgments from other people: “There might be retribution, there might be consequences, don’t be quirky, don’t be different, wait… be different — but not too different… oh don’t be THAT. Be unique but don’t make me uncomfortable. OK, I want you to be just like ME, not like YOU!”

Take a step back. Define yourself, baby. Define yourself. You only get so many rotations on this spinning green planet. Don’t lie on your deathbed wondering what happened and regretting your life choices. Live your life while you are alive!

A pastor at the Kailua, Hawaii Unity church once said something profound. I quote him when someone starts telling me who I am. I smile sweetly and say, “If I am living my life, and you are living my life… then who is living your life?” It works like a charm.


Beth Terry

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